Overview - 3 Main Sections

The Pool Owner’s Guide contains important information about the care and maintenance of your pool.

Congratulations on the purchase of a Compass pool from your local authorised independent Compass dealership. There are 3 important things you need to do for your peace of mind:

  1. Retain your warranty certificate
  2. Update your insurance to include your pool
  3. Follow the guidelines in this Pool Owner’s Guide
Pool safety, Understanding your pool ecosystem, Pool owner's checklist, Pool water chemistry
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Maintenance and protection of your pool shell's gelcoat surface, Care for the pool shell structure
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Triple guarantee, Ceramic composite pool shell warranty certificates, Warranty terms
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01: Get to know your pool!

Important information about safety, operation and maintenance of your pool

Pool Safety

Important safety considerations including general precautions, electrical, fencing, suction outlets and water chemistry
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Pool Ecosystem

Understanding your pool ecosystem starts with appreciating that your swimming pool structure is a complex system.
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Pool Owner's Checklist

A summary of your key responsibilities to retain the manufacturer's pool shell defect warranties.
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Pool Water Chemistry

A correctly balanced and sanitised pool is important for health and safety reasons, as well as protecting your pool shell.
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02: Pool care and maintenance

Maintenance and protection of your pool shell’s gelcoat surface, care for the pool shell structure

Pool Shell Surface

The surface of your pool shell needs regular maintenance. Learn about its protection in this part of the guide.
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Pool Shell Structure

Become familiar with the hydrostatic damage protection and the standpipe, an essential component of your pool.
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Take care of your pool properly!

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03: Pool warranties

Triple guarantee, ceramic composite pool shell warranty certificates, warranty terms


Three types of warranties

Warranties help protect your pool investment during the installation process and in the years to follow.

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Insurance and registration

Protect your investment! Learn about the 2 types of insurance that are applicable to your pool project.

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Triple guarantee warranty

Learn about the three warranties that Compass Pools offer for your peace of mind.

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Warranty certificates

Details of your limited 7 year and 10 year interior surface pool shell warranty (EVEC 200, EVEC 300/500).

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Warranty terms

Interpretation and conditions of warranty, exclusions and claims procedures explained.

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Information on pool filtration and cleaning systems and volumes of Compass pool models.
  • Traditional filtration systems
  • Optional Vantage cleaning and circulation system
  • Compass pool volumes

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