At Local Pools we strive to provide our inground swimming pools customers the best experience possible. Thank you to the following customers for providing positive feedback on their jobs.

We have received many comments on how good the pool looks and our friends and family are impressed with how quickly the whole process took. We would have no hesitation in recommending Local Pools and Spas to any of our friends and family because of the outstanding workmanship quality and the excellent end result.

– Damian and Linda Anshaw

We would also like to thank you as we have won many bets from our friends and neighbours on the finishing time of our pool — 2 weeks. No one would believe that we would be swimming in our pool for Christmas and thanks to your team and the weather this came true. We are now happily spending most days around our pool enjoying the benefits with our children/family and friends who think it’s ‘way cool’.

– William & Sharon Barnett

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We installed a Vantage cleaning system in our pool and I would highly recommend that people invest in this system as I can honestly say that I have never had any problems or had to manually clean my pool in the 2 years that we have had it. The pool looks after itself and always looks lovely and inviting because the Vantage cleaning system keeps it so clean. It also helps heat my pool evenly as it moves the water around constantly, so no more hot and cold spots when you get in. Thank you Local Pools and Spas for recommending the Vantage system.

– Luka Curtis

Our pool looks great and the whole experience for us was totally stress free. Given the bad publicity that a lot of pool companies seem to have these days we were quite prepared for a disaster story, but to our pleasant surprise the whole process could not have gone any smoother.

– Sharyn & Michael Duncan

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Not only did we receive a fantastic product ( The cross trainer Bi-Luminate 10m) but your friendly service, prompt delivery and professionalism exceeded our expectations. Nothing was ever a problem, we had a construction cover put over our pool for eight months as we were knocking down and rebuilding our house. This of course made us a little nervous, but thanks to your confident reassurance we felt a lot better.

– Tony and Cherie Elias

Not only did you tum up on time with every appointment. There was even one occasion that you would not be there on time, in which we received a phone call and told that you had been detained and would be there in 45 minutes and you were. This sort of customer service was truly appreciated. We were also pleased with the speed and professionalism shown to us, before during and even after the pool and spa were finished.

– Frances Fitton

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